Eligibility Summary Forms - Restricted Access

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* * * TECHNICAL NOTE * * *

In October, we upgraded the software for online forms.  This has caused some compatibility issues with web browsers and other access restrictions.

Known Issues:

  • at login page, it will not load or freezes
  • receive an access denied message, or
  • after starting to enter information in forms, the content disappears

Possible Remedies:

  • try another browser (Works best with Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Safari 8 or higher and Chrome 38 or higher.  Firefox is not recommended) 
  • make sure you are using the most up-to-date browser and java is installed and up-to-date. (click here to check see example below), or
  • the school has a port restriction that will require an IT staff member to release.

Share the information below with your IT staff

  • Using FileMaker 14 webdirect
  • Using 8080 port to DNS forms.nchsaa.org
  • Email Systems Administrator, Juli Kidd at juli@nchsaa.org with any questions