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Why Coach?

Being called “coach” is much more than a title, it is an opportunity and responsibility that can influence a young person for life.  Coaches often build bonds with student athletes far beyond the X’s and O’s of a particular sport.  Being a role model and mentor, helping shape positive life values and choices are all involved with an integral part of education-based athletics…helping mold young people to become productive citizens.  The positive educational outcomes that should be a natural by-product of participation in interscholastic athletics is indeed the ideal for which all coaches should strive.

Coaching Requirements

NEW FOR 2017-18: Coach clinics required for Cheer and Tennis

Click to view NOTE: Coach clinic attendance is not required for cross country or indoor track & field.

The North Carolina Coaches Association (NCCA), located in Greensboro, is an organization made up of individual coaches memberships. The annual NCCA Clinic is held in July each year at the Greensboro Coliseum. During the clinic, the NCHSAA will have a booth located in the Exhibit Hall for the purpose of listing jobs and circulating resumes to schools and coaches. For more information on clinic dates, times, and NCCA memberships, call (336) 379-9095.

NFHS Coaching Education and National Certifications

There are an estimated 1,000,000 interscholastic coaches in the United States that teach and coach over 7.5 million students who participate in both individual and team sports. Since the inception of the NFHS Coach Education Program in 2007, the number of coaches who have received trainingin the NFHS core couse, Fundamentals of Coaching, has increased from 8% to over 40%. Although this is a major step in the right direction, the NFHS believes that all individuals who coach interscholastic sports must be trained in their tole and responsibilities as an interscholastic coach so that all students who participate are given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, minimize the inherit risk of participation, and enjoy a positive educational experience. Click here for more information on NFHS Coaching Education and National Certifications.

North Carolina Honor Roll: Accredited Interscholastic Coaches (June 2014)

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